Located in outback Queensland on the Aboriginal Lands of the Wunumara

QEM Julia Creek Vanadium and Oil Shale Project

QEM aims to develop Australia’s Critical Minerals Resources in Qld’s North West Minerals Province.


Sovereign Capability

QEM's Vanadium and Oil Resources will help build Australia's sovereign capability:

• Vanadium to meet increasing demand for Critical Minerals for safe, long-lasting, large scale battery systems, while also playing a key role in decarbonising the steel and construction industry

• Fuel production to provide certainty to local industries (agriculture, mining, transport and defence)


Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

US Dept of Energy: “This emerging grid-scale storage technology has great commercial and energy security potential... They hold the promise of 10-hour duration storage, tens of thousands of cycles, and even up to 25 years of service life."


QEM Limited


Vanadium Applications
Vanadium pentoxide production will provide QEM with significant penetration of the burgeoning battery market and the global steel industry.
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The Julia Creek Project
The flagship Julia Creek project in Queensland hosts one of the world’s largest vanadium deposits and an estimated 783 (3C) million barrels of crude oil equivalent.
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