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Revolutionising the Critical Minerals Industry

QEM Limited (ASX: QEM) is an Australian ASX-listed mining company focused on the exploration and development of the Julia Creek Vanadium and Oil Shale Project. This world-class critical minerals resource will drive long-term shareholder value.

With our tenements covering 250km² in the Julia Creek area of North Western Queensland, Australia, we are committed to the exploration and development of resources with potential applications in the battery market, liquid fuels sector and steel industry.

The Julia Creek Project

The Julia Creek Project holds a 2,867Mt Vanadium JORC Resource with an average V2O5 content of 0.31%, making it one of the single largest Vanadium deposits in the world. Additionally, the project contains a contingent in-situ oil resource of 6.3 MMbbls of Oil equivalent in the 1C category, 94MMbbls in the 2C category, and 654MMbbLs in the 3C category, all within the same ore body.

Vanadium Resource

461 Mt

Indicated @ Ave V2O5 ore content of 0.31%

Vanadium Resource

2,406 Mt

Inferred @ Ave V2O5 ore content of 0.31%

Oil Resource

94 MMbbl’s

in Category 2C and 6.3MMbbls in Category 1C

Oil Resource

654 MMbbl’s

Category 3C (recoverable @ 90%)

Our unique world-class deposit enables us to efficiently capitalise on multiple commodities, driving long-term shareholder value.

Investment Highlights


  • Multi Commodity Exposure in high growth markets
  • Globally significant Critical Minerals opportunity
  • Fuel Security
  • Highly experienced team to deliver
  • Unique proprietary extraction technology
  • Strong government support
  • Tier 1 Mining Jurisdiction

Strategic Location

The Julia Creek Project is strategically situated along the main infrastructure corridor on the Flinders Highway and the Great Northern Railway, connecting Mount Isa to the Port of Townsville, offering seamless access to all major infrastructure and services.

Market Opportunities

QEM’s Julia Creek Project positions us to benefit from the expanding battery market, liquid fuels sector and steel industry applications while utilising renewable energy to meet growing global demands.

Bench Scale Pilot Plant

The pilot plant has been designed and developed to validate QEM’s proprietary extraction process, ahead of a commercial demonstration plant.

QEM’s primary focus is the extraction of vanadium and oil shale and we have achieved highly encouraging extraction rates with further optimisation work underway.

  • ~180%

    Oil Yields (Equivalent) ~180% of Modified Fischer Assay (MFA)**

  • ** QEM ASX Announcement December 6th 2022

Renewable Energy

The QEM team is very motivated to play its part in the energy transition as we continue to develop our flagship critical minerals project. From inception, QEM set itself a goal to power its mining processes and green hydrogen production using 100% renewable energy. We are closer to achieving this goal after designing a large scale (1GW) hybrid renewables project consisting of wind/solar/BESS. This project was sold to one of the world’s largest renewables developers, Enel Green Power through its Australian arm, Enel Green Power Australia (EGPA).

Queensland Government actively supportive of Critical Minerals projects.

Government Support

Australian Government
  • May 2024: Future Made in Australia 2024-25 Budget inclusions:
    1) A 10% production tax credit totalling $7 billion over a decade for all 31 critical minerals to drive critical minerals processing in Australia;
    2) $10.2 million for pre-feasibility studies to develop critical mineral common-user processing facilities to enhance Australia’s capacity to process critical minerals, sovereign capability and economic resilience;
    3) $5.8 million for a critical minerals trade enhancement initiative;
    4) $1 million for a pilot educational program, to strengthen the capabilities of Australia’s critical minerals sector to detect, prevent and mitigate foreign interference.
  • October 2023: The Albanese Government announced a $2 billion expansion of the Critical Minerals Facility to take the Government’s value-adding investments in Australian resources to $6 billion.
  • June 2023: The Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030 sets out the government’s vision to grow Australia’s critical minerals sector


Queensland Government
  • February 2024: Powering Queensland’s Battery Industry Strategy – 2024-2029
    $570 million in new and existing investment to deliver clean economy jobs in battery technologies and manufacturing
  • October 2023: Premier announces $1.3B to accelerate CopperString roll out.
  • June 2023: Qld Premier announced the Queensland Critical Minerals Strategy and a $245M investment into the sector, including:
    • Reducing rent for new and existing exploration permits for minerals to $0 for the next five years.
    • Establishing critical mineral zones, initially at Julia Creek/Richmond and around Mount Isa, to support critical minerals projects such as QEM.
    • $75M to establish Critical Minerals Queensland, a one-stop office to oversee the development of the sector.
    • Investment to target mining waste and tailings for critical minerals, and scientific research including circular economy initiatives.
    • $100M Critical Minerals and Battery Technology Fund to support new projects.
  • January 2023: Qld Premier announced funding to increase from $10M to $75M for the construction of the Queensland Resources Common User Facility (QR-CUF).

World Mining Congress, June 2023. (L to R: QEM Chair Tim Wall, Communications Director Joanne Bergamin, Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Minister for Resources Scott Stewart

A Vision for Growth. A Vision for Growth.

A Vision for Growth. A Vision for Growth.

A Vision for Growth. A Vision for Growth.

ESG & Corporate Governance

QEM Limited is committed to upholding the highest standards of ESG and corporate governance, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term success. Our approach encompasses environmental responsibility, social accountability and adherence to best practices in governance.

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Meet the experienced and passionate team behind QEM Limited, driving the exploration and development of our world-class critical minerals resource projects.

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Vanadium – The Versatile Element

Vanadium Pentoxide production will provide QEM with significant penetration of the burgeoning battery market and

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