Innovative Energy Solutions

The Julia Creek Project is a unique world class resource with
the potential to deliver innovative energy solutions, through
the production of vanadium pentoxide and oil shale


Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

VRFB's have emerged as a promising solution for grid services
due to their long lifecycle potential and high energy capacity


Applications of Vanadium

With multiple applications, the properties of vanadium
make it highly effective in both strengthening metals
and reducing corrosion


QEM Limited


About QEM

QEM Limited owns four exploration tenements covering 496km² in the Julia Creek area of North Western Queensland, Australia.

These tenements form part of the vast Toolebuc Formation, which is recognised as one of the largest deposits of vanadium and oil shale in the world.

The Julia Creek Project is located less than 16km east of the township of Julia Creek and is intersected by the main infrastructure corridor of the Flinders Highway and the Great Northern Railway connecting Mt. Isa to Townsville.

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